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Our Story

Charlyn Castro-Rojas grew up between Central Florida and Puerto Rico. As she grew up, her mother (Judith Rojas) always had her involved in modeling and beauty pageants due to such; she gained access to what would be her career of choice in the future. Since middle school and high school, many considered her a fashion forward person and her style was impeccable and never questioned even in her early adolescent years. Many of her childhood friends would go to her for fashion inquiries, advice and wardrobe loans. Her first full constructed design was her own 15th birthday dress where she took a large part in the production by embroidering and manufacturing it. By the age of 15 she began working in retail where she took under her mother’s desire for constant shopping.

Mrs. Castro-Rojas took the career in the fashion industry far more serious in 2002 while studying Psychology at the University of Sacred Heart in Puerto Rico.
Originally she wanted to become a lawyer with a background in psychology yet after dropping out of college to open up her own business with a friend she decided to continue in retail and visual merchandising. In her college years as a side job she worked as a freelance fashion consultant for local small celebrities. Her knowledge of fashion had always been updated due to magazines and literally guidance. The quest to start her own fashion line began with a couple of friends where she began working on her fashion line and what now in 2011 would be called Castro-Rojas.